Apply to be a bottom for the November party

We are also looking for 4 volunteers to help run the evening. Entry will be waived for the volunteers who will each help run the door/clothing check for 2 hours. Either the first two hours or the second two hours. Either before or after their “shift” they will be free to enjoy the party. If interested in volunteering, please email the address below and let us know.

To apply to be a bottom for the November party please send an email to:

Make sure the subject reads: “Bottom Applicant”

Please include some photos of yourself as well as the following information:

Are available and able to commit for the November 18th date?

Do you require condoms only?

Are you interested in potentially volunteering to be part of the crew for the evening? (help run the front door, swap in and out with other bottoms as they need breaks?)

Do you have a safe word that you would like for us to post near your station if you are chosen?

What name would you like us to call you? (real name, stage name, fake name are all fine)